STUCK DISCOUNT has its headquarters in Berlin and is personally run by its owner Ali K. Aygün. The company specializes in wholesale and retail of fine limestone and marble plaster (without synthetic additives) and stucco of the highest quality (natural alabaster stucco material) including professional installation. We offer our customers stucco work which includes comprehensive services and also provides value-adding home improvements.

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Comprehensive services from a one-stop-shop – an “All-Inclusive-Package”, covering all areas.

We offer detailed planning and consultation in advance, in other words, we are happy to visit you on-site and take digital measurements right there. Our draftsman and engineers use these dimensions in our office to create a CAD – drawing for you on the computer for a preliminary view of the project as well as for direct construction preparation.

Please contact us for an interesting selection from our extensive range of finest stucco elements from international manufacturers as well as in-house production – carefully crafted in our Neukölln workshop and offering the best possible quality (eg. crown moldings, reliefs etc.)

Custom manufacturing, tailored to the requirements at your work site for indoor & outdoor use. Thanks to our restoration and molding techniques, we are able to create 100% accurate copies of existing stucco elements and thus are easily able to close gaps in existing crown molding and let what was old shine in new splendor. This way, the original beauty and craftsmanship of the classic builders from past centuries can be reconstructed and preserved for future generations. Likewise, we also have experience in the production of curves, arcs and elliptical shapes (eg. segmental arches, etc.) in order to produce them according to your measurements.

Professional installation by our own and experienced staff complement the range of services provided to you and guarantees successful completion of the project.

Delicate trompe l’oeil, provided by our specialist painter, gives you the option of adding the ultimate personal touch to your new stucco room and wall improvements, for example by adding three-dimensionality where there is actually none.

STUCK DISCOUNT welcomes you! Or visit our store – in Berlin-Neukölln!