Here are a few examples of our work. All photos were taken at jobs sites which we have been working at recently. These will give you an impression of the diverse applications of stucco – from classic to modern.

Saeulen IMG_7112 IMG_7099 IMG_6500 IMG_6496 IMG_6494 IMG_6485 IMG_6154 IMG_5444 IMG_4371 DSCN0340 DSC_0651_1255 DSC_0649_1253 DSC_0280_903 DSC_0272_895 DSC_0271_894 DSC_0270_893 DSC_0267_890 DSC_0266_889 DSC_0258_881-1 Bild1 (100) Bild1 (74) Bild1 (20) Bild1 (19) _MG_1360 _MG_1353