STUCK DISCOUNT was founded 10 years ago in Berlin. Initially, stucco was only sold while installation work was performed by various companies. One of the technicians was an engineer and construction draftsman, today’s entrepreneur and the company’s CEO, Ali Kanber Aygün. When the founder sought a successor due to age, he chose him, thanks to many positive customer opinions. Today – 3 years later – STUCK DISCOUNT is a medium-sized, guild certified family business in Berlin-Neukölln.

As highly qualified specialists, we put great emphasis on good and detailed planning prior to the implementation of our projects, in order to achieve an optimum cost-benefit result for our clients. We’d be happy to provide you with a detailed consultation – please call us to arrange an appointment.

Wholesale and retail

We sell stucco elements made of gypsum plaster of the highest quality (natural alabaster stucco material) from international manufacturers and from our own production – carefully hand made at our workshop in Neukölln.

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Stucco work

We install our stucco with the utmost care and according to your requirements in apartments, houses and commercial buildings, including hotel construction and renovation of old and new buildings.

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Special fabrication

We can create custom made stucco that meets your most unique requirements in terms of pattern and structure – and so much more. Contact us for a personal, no-oblgations consultation by our experts.

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Custom moulding

We are experienced in the restoration of incomplete stucco elements. We copy and reproduce the existing stucco parts by hand and can easily replace the missing parts and close existing gaps.

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