Moulding and reproduction: We can either take the moulding from the original at your location or we take the original stucco element back to our workshop. It is then carefully prepared in order to provide an optimum result later. At this point, professional experience is required because it takes craftsmanship to create the stucco element desired by the customer from natural gypsum material. An in-depth examination of the nature of the model is essential for the moulding process to work perfectly and the subsurface must be assessed very thoroughly. After carefully preparing the original, we put it in a specially made wooden frame. Then we pour the silicone into the frame, immediately after mixing. After hardening (which normally takes about 24 hours), the silicone mold can be removed from the model and prepared for the casting of the reproduction. It can now be used to create any number of copies. This way, any required shape can be copied.

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